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Handmade wonder


Since I was a child my life has revolved around basketry. I have been in this profession for decades. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were all masters of this craft. This profession runs from father to son in my family.

I have been following my own, original style for some years now. I'm enthusiastic about assymetric, scandinavian shapes, made using unpeeled willow cane. I also enjoy creating traditional "kas", native to my home town of Békés, covers, fruit dryers, baskets for cats and dogs and flower holders. My original birdfeeder has become popular too. The list goes on. I like working on custom orders and special projects because they require lots of creativity.

In recent years I have started making custom animal shapes. I only use unpeeled willow cane in my works, which I cut and prepare myself.

This beautiful profession really fulfills me, because I can always create something new and diverse.

Sándor Ferenc Végh

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